Murree Food Point

Reasons to eat our Fast Food:

It is affordable
It is quick
It is predictable
It is child friendly
It is nutritionally sound
It is portion controlled
It is a way of socializing with friends and family
No calorie counting, they do it for you
Chose what you want
The place is comfortable
Families on the road can grab a quick meal, or seek a break from the routine home cooking
You should eat fast food here if you have not lately.

"As a frequent visitor of Murree, I stop at this place to eat Fast food on a regular basis. It is a welcome change from roadside restaurant food, which consists of mostly unhygienic meat and potatoes of unpredictable taste. We'd rather get in and out. We have schedules to meet. I agree if one eats fast food, but eats the prescribed meal, you can lose weight if that is your desire. One can also maintain your present weight, or physical appearance." Just don't add to the meal."

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