Dear Vacationist

Have you time to really live?

In this day of speed many people, long before their time, find themselves flat, discarded tires on the brutal highway of life. The stress and strain of seeking "success" is terrific. The price paid for prosperity is high.

When you are weary and want to be away from noise, smoke and dust of city, it takes such a place as the 'Murree Point ' Bansragali Murree to keep you cool, cheerful and comfortable. It's a safe bet that the chaps who say 'bad days have come' never spent any time at Murree Valleyview Rooms as we don't have any bad days here. Let me tell you why?

Murree Point vacation resort, in a perfect setting tucked on Murree's thickest pine trees' forest, studded with Bansragali village, with a picturesque of deep enchanted hills and at night whole Islamabad view. The place offers anyone respite from world cares, strife and struggles.

Mother Nature must have planned this place for her personal playgrounds she put so many things here. With a gesture of generosity she gave Murree Valleyview Rooms everything that a vacationer wants in such an atmosphere a delightful realization of every expectation. A paradise to live in play in loaf in. Once you have come you will want to stay for good your own good.

Here the days are uniformly pleasant; the northern breezes, perfumed with pine and cedar nights delightfully cool and refreshing. For decades, pine needles have been dropping to the ground, until now they have formed a spongy carpet over the whole territory. It is a delightful sensation just to step on Nature's own inimitable carpet a sensation you will never forget.

A place of hospitality, contentment and well being. Murree Point surrounded by OWN apple/fruit gardens in contrast with blue sky and hide-and-seek playing silver clouds. Sitting you could watch colorful birds flying below you. Wondrous scenic beauties, shady woods, multicolor hills, smooth highways perfumed-scented trails. And SOLITITUDE!

Walking distance chairlift takes you to Mall Road. Good roads radiate to various directions, leading to Nathiagali, Patriata and Ayubia. Here is the fascination of hiking/jogging lanes with richly colored foliage, and shady pine trees. Within short distance water falls. World Wildlife Foundation's Zoo at 3 minute drive. All these attractions in a place where you and your beloved ones live as you please combine to create recreational supremacy.

Our rooms are clean. For the homes all beds, dishes, cooking utensils, cutlery, gas range, fridge all ready to be used. Groceries are procurable at a nearby store at reasonable price. Fresh fruits, during season, from our own farm circling Murree Point.

If you want to eliminate cooking during your vacation, then why not board? Imagine getting up with the appetite of orange juice. . .and a stack of wheat cake, a glass of milk---Nature's beauty tonic, the kind that puts the blossoms in your cheek and a sparkle in your eye! Then a platter of real fresh eggs, slices of toasted bread.

Although we have given you a part of the story about Murree Point and why it is the ideal resort, this is our personal invitation to you to come and share the pleasures of a memorable vacation . . . in Nature's own playground. Make your reservation in advance.

Please Fill in the booking Form. Cell: Naveed 0345-5282643.

We'll be seeing you right soon.

Yours for Family Entertainment


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