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Murree Point

Contact Details: Mr. Naveed, Murree Point, STOP & SHOP, Bansragali, Murree.
Phone: 0314-5282644
Cell: 0345-5282643
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You can reach us both by Express Way and Murree Highway. However, for families we strongly recommend Murree Highway because Express Way is not only longer in distance, more fuel consumption and uneconomical, no side shops or stops. Dangerous climbs resulting cars heat up and particularly cars on gas don't work.  Speed thrills so more accidents.  Government closes it unexpectedly.  We have easiest address on Murree Highway.  After Ghoragali Forest Rest Houses, after girls scout camps, after Murree Brewery, after Chairlift slow down for km, look in front over size parking, children play land and a large board of Nestle and Stop & Shop.  Please stop here contact Naveed
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Murree Real Estate Cheap Lands in Murree

In this day of speed many people, long before their time, find themselves flat, discarded tires on the brutal highway of life.

The stress and strain of seeking "success" is terrific. The price we pay for prosperity is high.

When you are weary and want to be away from noise, smoke and dust of city, it takes such a place as the STOP & SHOP's famous Guest Homes Bansragali, Murree, Pakistan, to keep you cool, cheerful and comfortable.

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