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Nestled on the Snowcapped hilly area of Murree, Murree Point is an alluring mix of Enchanting Sceneries, Amusing Landscapes Stretched on the Green Velvet, Lending Opportunity to Enjoy an Enticing Dining experience by Offering our National and Trans-National Cuisines, Tantalizing Relaxing Amenities in our Deluxe and Exclusive Rooms added with the Finest Facilities – all these are, some of many Enjoyable Features of Murree Point – one of the Cheapest Hotels in Murree.

Murree Point is the Place to Stop and Shop, Relax at our Exclusive Comforter sets, to Relieve from your Tiredness of the Long Travel from any Place of Pakistan or Abroad, to Behold and Start Amusing from our Infinite Facilities which Include yet not Limited to Children's Play-Land, Oversize Parking, Play area, Cafeteria for the Coffee Enthusiasts, Walking and Leaping Ducks, Pigeon Flocks, a General Store to buy and Enjoy your Life – all these Amenities say in Unison that "Murree Point – is no Doubt one of the Best Hotels in Pakistan".

Murree Point is a Splendid Fusion of Assorted Gratifying Facilities—Such as Swings, Merry-go-round, Exercise Equipment (a little gym), Outdoor Lawns with Scenic Views, Natural Spring Water, Chairlift to Mall Road Spanning over Half Kilometer, a Worthy Opportunity to Behold the Panoramic Beauties of Murree Valley, Local Bazaar at the Walking Distance to make Purchasing for any of your Need, which means Murree Point – is the only Choice to opt for, so that whatever you Invest on your Pleasure Trip – in Return you could get the Best Amenities, which you Expect for and you Could Remember these in your Whole Lifetime either.

Our Complimentary Guestroom with Attached Washroom Exclusively being Offered to the Teachers, Lecturers and Professors of Schools, Colleges and Universities During their Schools, Colleges and Universities Study Tours or Vacations Parties to Murree Point – a Golden Opportunity to Avail, by the Teachers, Lecturers, Professors as well as the Students of Schools, Colleges and Universities, Across Pakistan.

Visit at the Murree Point and Avail our Best Discounts on our Varied Worthy Deals. Murree Point also Offers Murree Property Dealing Opportunities.

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